Change in Approach to COVID-19 Vaccination

As of 1st January 2024, Czech health insurance funds no longer cover COVID-19 vaccinations for insured persons from another EU/EEA state or Switzerland. It is no longer considered the so-called necessary medical care. Vaccinations will be still covered for those entitled to full care.

COVID-19 vaccinations used to be covered by health insurance funds as necessary medical care in the context of the pandemic. Necessary medical care refers to care provided to an insured person from another EU/EEA state or Switzerland during their temporary stay in Czechia so that they were not forced to return to their country of residence earlier than intended to get treatment. A Czech health insurance fund provides auxiliary coverage of the costs and requests reimbursement from the respective foreign health insurance fund.

Nowadays, when COVID-19 does not restrict free movement anymore, there is no pressing need to undergo vaccination during a temporary stay in Czechia; vaccination can just as well be postponed until one has returned home (or to a country where they are insured).

If a person insured in Czechia gets vaccinated in another EU/EEA state or Switzerland and subsequently requests a refund with their health insurance fund, they will be refunded the costs only up to Czech prices; this approach reflects receiving care abroad without consent from one’s health insurance fund.