Before Departure

Make sure that you have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which you will present to the medical provider when receiving medical treatment. If you suffer from a chronic disease and you know that you will need specific care during your stay (e.g. a dialysis), we highly recommend that you prearrange it with a medical provider in Croatia.


Issuing of Provisional Replacement Certificate (replacing EHIC)

If for some reason (loss, theft) you do not have a European Health Insurance Card with you during your stay in Croatia, you can contact your Czech health insurance company at any time to issue a Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC) temporarily replacing the European Health Insurance Card. You can request the PRC yourself, via the local carrier of health insurance or via the hospital (in case of hospitalization). You are entitled to receive the PRC.


Healthcare in Croatia

If treatment is necessary, contact a doctor or a medical provider that has a contract with the Croatian Health Insurance Institute (HZZO).

HZZO contractual doctors and pharmacies are marked as “Ugovorna zdravna utstuna“, or “Ugovorni lječnik privete praxe“, or “Ugovorni zdravnej svladnik“.

If necessary, we recommend looking for a “Dom zdravlja” (health center) where are all doctors, including dentists, are contractual.

Specialized care and hospitalization can be accessed via a referral by a general practitioner except acute health conditions.

Necessary ambulance transportation is covered by public health insurance.

Mountain rescue service is not covered by public health insurance.

Only medicines from the HZZO list are covered by public health insurance.

Find Contractual medical facilities via this link.

Find a list of HZZO branches here.

First aid: 112


You will pay the following co-payment for the treatment: 20 % of cost of care with a limited minimum and maximum, such as:

  • General practitioner, dentist, gynecologist – € 1.32
  • Specialist – € 4,41
  • Hospitalization – € 17,70/day; but a maximum of € 530,88/stay (referral by a general practitioner is required for hospitalization)
  • Diagnostics (specialized, not classified as primary health care) – € 8,83
  • Orthopedic and other aids – € 8,83
  • Dental aids – € 176,97 (for people over 65 years old – € 88,46)
  • Rehabilitation – € 4,41/day
  • Medicine – € 1.32 per prescription,
  • Mountain rescue service – not covered by public health insurance
  • Persons under the age of 18 do not pay co-payment.
  • Approximate exchange rate: € 1 = 23,7 CZK


Reimbursement of Costs

If you paid for the care yourself, contact your Czech health insurance fund and present your invoices (originals); the health insurance fund will assess whether you are entitled to reimbursement and what amount.


Getting your Czech ePrescription Filled

Some pharmacies in Croatia allow you to get your ePrescription from Czechia filled. It is likely that you will be required to pay for the medicine yourself; upon return you can ask your health insurance fund for reimbursement of the costs incurred. The costs will be reimbursed up to the Czech price which is covered by health insurance. In exceptional cases, the health insurance fund can also decide on reimbursement up to the Croatian prices (in accordance with the legislation in force where the healthcare was provided). Health insurance funds determine the compensation in a administrative proceeding within 30 days or, in exceptional cases, 60 days.


Where to get more information about the access to healthcare

Hrvatski zavod za zdravstveno osiguranje
Margaretska 3, Zagreb 10000
tel.: +385 1 4806-333 (calling from Croatia 0800 79 79)
fax: +385 1 4812-606

If you go to Croatia for planned health care, you will get detailed information from the national contact point:
Hrvatski zavod za zdravstveno osiguranje
Margaretska 3, Zagreb 10000
tel.: +385 1 644 90 90

Contacts at Czech embassies:

  • Embassy of the Czech Republic in Croatia
    Veleposlanstvo Republike Češke
    Radnička cesta 47/VI, Zagreb 10000,
    tel.: +385 1 617 7246, +385 1 617 6894
    Emergency line: +385 916121533
    fax: ZÚ +385 1 6176630, KO +385 1 6177239
  • Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Split
    Obala H.N.P.5/III (Riva), Split 21000,
    tel.: +385 91 612 1660
    Emergency line: +385 916 12 16 60
    HC operates only during the summer touristic season
  • Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Rijeka
    Trg. 128. brigade Hrvatske vojske 4, Rijeka 51000,
    tel.: +385 91 612 15 60
    Emergency line: + 385 91 612 15 60
    HC operates only during the summer touristic season