Person non insured in EU

Health care during a temporary stay in the Czech Republic for persons non-insured in the EU, EEA states and Switzerland

Every person, staying temporarily in the Czech Republic should be insured for purpose of healthcare treatment in case of need.

Every Czech healthcare provider is obliged to provide urgent treatment in case of need with no regard to nationality, financial or other situation of the patient.

Generally visitors coming from contracting states and visitors coming from all the other states can be distinguished.


Persons coming from contracting states

Visitors coming from some states are entitled to healthcare on the basis of obligatory public health insurance existing in the state of their residence. This concerns insured persons from the states having a bilateral Social Security Agreement with the Czech Republic (Serbia, Monte Negro, Macedonia and Turkey). Insured persons from these states are entitled to the same approach in the Czech Republic as if they were insured here. This entitlement is however limited to urgent healthcare. Entitlement document issued by the institution of the state of insurance (form 111) has to be submitted to any of the Czech health insurance companies (or in a very urgent case to a hospital) to utilise this entitlement.


Persons coming from states other than the EU and EEA states, Switzerland and contracting states

Visitors coming from these states must pay for provided urgent as well as subsequent healthcare themselves, or through their commercial insurer.

Commercial health insurance can be contracted abroad, or in the territory of the Czech Republic.

It is necessary to have the so called „complex“ commercial health insurance for foreigners in order to get a long-term stay permission in Czechia (without having employment on the Czech territory).