Arrival with a consent of the health insurance fund

If you are travelling to the Czech Republic with consent of your health insurance fund:

  • It is always advisable to arrange the conditions (time and date etc.) of your healthcare treatment with the Czech healthcare provider in advance
  • Firstly it is necessary to contact a Czech health insurance fund, to present there an S2 or E112 certificate and to auxiliary register yourself. The so called certificate of entitlement (Potvrzení o nároku) and a Czech insurance number will be issued to you. This certificate has to be presented to a healthcare provider. You may as well ask your Czech healthcare provider to facilitate or arrange the registration and certificate for you (depends on type of service and willingness of provider).
  • If you register yourself auxiliary in a Czech health insurance fund the healthcare will be provided without direct payment. It is however necessary to pay upfront part of costs that would have to pay even a Czech insured person (e.g. extra services or a possible regulatory fee

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