So that you can enjoy the winter fun in peace and comfort…and in HEALTH

The most beautiful holiday of the year is fast approaching. There are Christmas markets everywhere, not only in our capital, that attract visitors. The first snow intensifies our desire to go abroad for some winter fun and, on the contrary, it motivates some of us to travel somewhere warm and sunny.


In order to enjoy the wintertime in peace and comfort, read some of our practical advice on what not to underestimate when traveling abroad (near and far).


If you are planning to travel within the EU:

  • Check the validity of your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – the blue insurance card. That will come in handy in the event that you need the so-called necessary health care abroad (e.g. treatment for an accident while skiing, slipping on ice, or perhaps elevated temperatures). When you present this “blue card”, you are entitled to treatment without the obligation of direct payment. You will only pay the so-called co-payment which a local person would also have to pay in that country. Payment for treatment (in the scope of necessary health care) is billed by the foreign medical facility directly to your Czech health insurance fund. But be careful (!): even this procedure has its limitations – you must be treated by a contracted doctor (one who is connected to the public health insurance system), there will usually be co-payment, you cannot pay for repatriation back to Czechia…


  • Take out commercial health insurance for the duration of your stay abroad. While your EHIC entitles you to treatment without paying out of your own pocket, we recommend taking out commercial insurance as well. Why? Commercial insurance can also cover treatment in private (non-contractual) medical facilities. You will be entitled to an assistance service (usually via the phone) and repatriation as well. Be careful, though; make sure to read the terms and conditions as well as the fine print so that you understand the exact scope of your insurance. Commercial health insurance companies like to include a number of exceptions in the fine print of the contracts which enables them to avoid paying for some treatments (e.g. in case of injury under the influence, during high-risk sports, at a high altitude, etc.).


If you are planning a trip outside the EU:


  • We recommend that you always take out commercial health insurance tailored to the chosen destination and to the purpose of your trip, whether it’s relaxing, sports, urban tourism etc. Once again, make sure to read up on your insurance.


Wherever you decide to spend the holidays, we wish you peaceful wintertime and safe travels.